Stabilization & Recovery

The Stabilization & Recovery Section (S&R) is involved in steering MINUSMA’s contribution to Mali’s reconstruction endeavours. 


Integrated within the Office of the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations, the Section facilitates cohesion between MINUSMA components and United Nations agencies and promotes synergies between the United Nations and other Technical and Financial Partners (TFP) in order to support inclusive dialogue, State authority restauration and return of basic social services among communities most affected by the conflict, particularly in northern Mali.


The Section’s work is organized around the three following priority pillars:

Support to joint strategic programming

The Section produces, with MINUSMA’s components, including the military force, strategic analyses and orientations for stabilization and recovery at regional level and identifies stabilization & recovery initiatives. The Section is facilitating, under MINUSMA Heads of Regional Offices’ leadership, the elaboration of Regional Stabilization & Recovery Plans for Mopti, Timbuktu, Gao and Kidal.


Management of financing mechanisms for peace and security in Mali 

The Stabilization & Recovery Section supports resource mobilization endeavours and manages funding for peace and security, with a particular view to improving the security situation, reinforcing social cohesion, reviving productive activities and restoring basic social services. This especially includes the following financing mechanisms: (i) the Quick Impact Projects (QIPs), (ii) the Trust Fund for peace and security in Mali (TF) and (iii) the United Nations’ Peacebuilding Fund (PBF).


Support for more efficient international aid

S&R contributes to coordination with the Technical and Financial Partners (TFP). In this context, the Section collaborates with donors: As part of the Executive Group coordinating international donors (particularly on peace and security matters); within the Commission Réhabilitation des Zones Post-Conflit (CRZPC) which MINUSMA co-chairs with UNDP and France; and assisting in high-level political dialogue with the Government of Mali.


The Stabilization & Recovery Section is based in the 4 northern regions of Mali and Bamako.