Human Rights

Human rights represent a fundamental pillar of UN peacekeeping missions. Anyone who intervenes to keep the peace has to ensure the protection and promotion of human rights.

Together with development and peace and security, human rights is one of the three pillars of the United Nations' work. MINUSMA has its own Human Rights Division, which also represents the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Mali.

MINUSMA's Human Rights Divsion is mandated to contribute to the protection and promotion of human rights and international humanitarian law in Mali. More specifically, this includes:  

  • The protection of human rights in situations of violence and insecurity;
  • Support to dialogue and national reconciliation;
  • Support for the strengthening of the national protection framework for human rights.

In order to fulfill its mandate, the Human Rights Division undertakes a variety of activities:

  • Monitoring, investigating, documenting and publishing reports on violations and abuses of human rights and international humanitarian law committed in the whole country, with a special focus on violence against women and children and conflict-related sexual violence; 
  • Advising national authorities and MINUSMA on issues relating to human rights;
  • Contributing to strengthening the capacity of national institutions, civil society and the Malian Defense and Security Forces to promote and protect human rights, including the national framework to protect human rights;
  • Supporting transitional justice and the fight against impunity;
  • Contributing to the protection of civilians by supporting the implementation of an early-warning system and other relevant mechanisms to support the protection of civilians.

Together with all other efforts of the United Nations on a global level and the efforts of national and international partners, the Human Rights Division works on the promotion and protection of human rights in Mali.

The Human Rights Division

The Human Rights Division is based at the MINUSMA headquarters in Bamako. The Bamako office covers the regions of Bamako, Koulikoro, Sikasso, Segou and Kayes. The Division also has four regional offices: in Gao, Kidal, Mopti and Timbuktu. In addition, a mobile team conducts missions throughout the country. A call centre has been established to allow the population to report human rights violations.  

Citizens, witnesses or victims of violations of human rights can call the following numbers to report violations of human rights:

  • Bamako: 80006666 (Bambara, Songhai, French, Arabic, Tamasheq) and 20210803 (Bambara, Songhai, French, Arabic, Tamasheq)
  • Gao: 79999382 (Tamasheq, Bambara, Songhai, French)
  • Kidal: 79999343 (Tamasheq, Arabic, Bambara, French)
  • Mopti: 79999367 (Fulani, Bambara, Bozo, French)
  • Timbuktu: 79999369 (Songhai, Bambara, French)