Demonstration yesterday in Kidal

19 Apr 2016

Demonstration yesterday in Kidal

A violent demonstration took place yesterday morning in Kidal at around 10 am. Demonstrators, some equipped with molotov cocktails, broke onto the airstrip secured by MINUSMA, ransacking and setting fire to secured facilities.


Two demonstrators were killed, four others wounded by gunfire from unknown origine. MINUSMA strongly deplores the loss of lives, offers its condolences to the bereaved families and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured.


MINUSMA remains committed to establishing the facts. A board of inquiry has been set up, its work is currently underway and the conclusions should enable to identify the origine of gunfires. MINUSMA intends to take its share of responsibility, if applicable.


Kidal's airstrip is an essential asset for supplying humanitarian aid, providing support to local communities, as well as supporting the operations of MINUSMA and its partners. The airstrip and the airport facilities had been rehabilitated by MINUSMA earlier this year, following months of work and heavy financial investments.


MINUSMA calls to everyone’s sense of responsibility. The mission has regular contacts with Malian authorities and leaders of local communities in order to ease tensions, and notes the appeal for calm issued by the CMA.


MINUSMA renews its call for calm and its commitment to the implementation of the peace process alongside Malians.