Insights into the Effective Management of Contingent-Owned Equipment Amid MINUSMA's Withdrawal from Mali

26 Jul 2023

Insights into the Effective Management of Contingent-Owned Equipment Amid MINUSMA's Withdrawal from Mali

As the clock ticks towards the scheduled departure of the United Nations Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) on 31 December 2023, our troops and police from contributing countries have embarked on the crucial task of redeploying their peacekeepers and essential equipment. This structured relocation operation across all deployment zones aligns with UN Security Council Resolution 2690, which prescribes the dissolution of MINUSMA and its systematic withdrawal from Mali.

The equipment, known as Contingent-Owned Equipment (COE), is the property of the contributing troops and police. The decision on how to manage these resources is in their hands, offering them the flexibility to repatriate, gift, sell, or handover the equipment to MINUSMA.

All weapons, ammunition, armored vehicles, aircraft, and other sensitive military equipment are excluded from gifting or selling. These items are carefully managed and are either returned to their home countries or disposed of in accordance with UN policies. For items that are available for sale or gifting, the troops and police from contributing countries may opt to sell or donate them to other contributing countries, the Mission, UN agencies, local governmental bodies, or non-governmental organizations. For equipment that is beyond economical repair, it can be handed over to MINUSMA for responsible disposal.

We take great care to maintain transparency in the withdrawal process. Prior to any third-party transition, we remove all UN identifiers, including logos, registration plates, and barcodes from the items.

This process is meticulous and respectful, as it is guided by both national and international regulations, including Mali's customs rules, UN environmental policies, and the UN-Mali Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). By adhering to these guidelines, we ensure the responsible handling of resources.

All these measures align with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the contributing troops, police, and the UN, and adhere to the stipulations of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2690. This resolution endorses an orderly, safe mission withdrawal and the unhindered export of the United Nations' equipment, supplies, and other assets. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to a respectful and cooperative withdrawal process from Mali.