MINUSMA calls for immediate cessation of hostilities in Kidal

22 Jul 2016

MINUSMA calls for immediate cessation of hostilities in Kidal

Heavy fighting erupted in Kidal yesterday around 16:30 between members of both signatory movements of the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali. Heavy weapons, including mortars, were used during confrontations.


MINUSMA strongly condemns these clashes which are in violation of the cease-fire and calls those responsible to immediately end hostilities and fulfill their commitment in accordance with all agreements signed by their movements. MINUSMA deeply regrets that these battles have endangered civilians.


MINUSMA has taken steps to protect civilian population and defend its mandate and will use all necessary means in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2295 (2016).


MINUSMA urges the leaders of both signatory movements to secure without delay the return to calm; to ensure the respect everywhere across Mali of their commitment and obligations in terms of protection of civilians in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions and applicable international law.


MINUSMA is committed to supporting an independent investigation to determine those responsible.