MINUSMA Calls for Strict Respect of Ceasefire and Human Rights

30 Jul 2015

MINUSMA Calls for Strict Respect of Ceasefire and Human Rights

MINUSMA notes with concern that acts contrary to the spirit of the agreements and arrangements relating to the ceasefire and the Peace Agreement as well as allegations of grave human rights violations and abuses have been recorded in several locations, in particular in the regions of the north. These acts are attributed to elements of movements who have signed the Agreement.

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of MINUSMA, Mr. Mongi Hamdi, continues to be in contact with the leaders of the movements in question to urge them to work together for the consolidation of peace and to demonstrate restraint by ensuring that the agreements that have been concluded are strictly and rigorously respected, in spirit and letter, by all their structures and on all levels.

The MINUSMA Force has deployed the means it has at its disposal to ensure a rigorous follow-up on acts and allegations of violations. This particularly includes assessment missions to the locations where violations were reported and investigation missions by the mixed observation and verification teams (“Equipes Mixtes d’Observation et de Vérification”, EMOVs).

For its part, the Human Rights Division has deployed missions on the ground to establish the facts and responsibilities regarding violations and allegations that violations have been committed. MINUSMA continues to follow up on all the identified cases and to remind the parties concerned of their obligations in accordance with the Security Council’s resolutions and applicable national and international law.

“Thanks to the constructive spirit, of dialogue and of compromise, of the parties to the Peace Agreement, the process of settling the Malian crisis definitively and sustainably has reached a very promising phase for a better future for the Malian people as a whole, and the activities on the ground have to reflect the commitments that have been made,” Mr. Hamdi said. “The main condition for the success of this process, for which responsibility lies first and foremost with the Malian parties, is trust between the parties and, most of all, the trust and assurance of the population and international community that the parties are serious and are acting in good faith in fulfilling their commitments through concrete and tangible actions,” Mr. Hamdi continued. “These violations are therefore unacceptable and absolutely have to stop immediately. Those responsible for these grave violations of human rights have to be held accountable for their actions. I urge all the parties to work together and multiply their efforts to ensure the necessary order and discipline within their respective structures and ranks and to raise their supporters’ awareness about the importance of the Peace Agreement and the perspectives it offers, as well as on the consequences of violations of the ceasefire and human rights as foreseen in Resolution 2227 of the Security Council and the provisions of applicable international law,” Mr. Hamdi stressed.