MINUSMA Strongly Condemns Ceasefire Violation in Kidal Region

17 Aug 2015

MINUSMA Strongly Condemns Ceasefire Violation in Kidal Region

Armed clashes erupted on 15, 16 and 17 August between CMA and Plateform in Kidal region, respectively in Touzek Oued, located 60 km southeast of Kidal , east of Amassine, 80 km south of Kidal  and in the Tabankort-Anefis axis, 45 km southwest of Anefis, where fighting has resumed today.


Pending the findings of the Equipe de Mixte d’Observation et de Vérification (EMOV) that is on route to Anefis today in order to establish facts, MINUSMA condemns in the strongest terms these acts committed in flagrant violation of the Cease-fire Agreement and the Peace and National Reconciliation Agreement for Mali.


The international community and the people of Mali are extremely concerned by the increasing number of violations which may hinder progress towards a stable and lasting peace for Mali.


MINUSMA reminds the parties responsible for the resumption of hostilities that they will have to answer for their actions before the Security Council. In its resolution 2227 of 29 June 2015, the latter expressed its readiness to consider targeted sanctions against those who resume hostilities and violate the ceasefire and those who take actions to obstruct or threaten the implementation of the Peace Agreement.


MINUSMA urges the parties currently engaged in hostilities on the ground to immediately cease fighting.


MINUSMA stresses that it will not hesitate to take all necessary actions in accordance to its mandate and rules of engagement, in order to protect civilians whose security might be under threat.


MINUSMA continues its good offices with the parties concerned to restore the cease-fire and urges them to comply with the security arrangements as included in the Peace Agreement. The Mission will continue to monitor closely developments on the ground.