SRSG Welcomes Signing of Peace Agreement

20 Jun 2015

SRSG Welcomes Signing of Peace Agreement


Bamako, 20 June 2015 – The Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) and Head of MINUSMA, Mr. Mongi Hamdi, welcomes the signing of the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali by the Coordination in Bamako today.


The SRSG congratulates the Government of Mali and all representatives of the Plateforme and Coordination, and reaffirms that "MINUSMA is determined to support the implementation of the agreement, in close cooperation with the members of the international mediation team."


The SRSG recalled that the Government of Mali and the Plateforme had already signed the agreement on 15 May. The signature of the agreement by the Coordination today is a decisive step for the peace process and opens the way for the full and rapid implementation of the peace agreement.


He congratulates the Malian parties and the mediation team led by Algeria for their sustained efforts, which have allowed for the signature process to succeed.


"To continue to move forward towards peace and reconciliation in a sustainable manner, the parties really need to mobilize now. Malians bear the ultimate responsibility to ensure peace in Mal," Mr. Mongi Hamdi said.


The SRSG encourages Mali's partners to support all efforts to achieve a just and lasting peace.


"Good faith between the parties is crucial to advance the peace that all Malians wish for," he concluded.​