UN peacekeeper succumbs to his injuries

8 Dec 2021

UN peacekeeper succumbs to his injuries

Bamako, 7 December 2021 - A MINUSMA Peacekeeper succumbed to his injuries on Monday 6 December in Dakar, Senegal. The soldier has been seriously injured on 22 November when the vehicle in which he was travelling from Tessalit to Kidal hit an Improvised Explosive Device about 11km from the MINUSMA camp in Tessalit. He was then evacuated to Dakar with two other Peacekeepers to receive appropriate treatment.

"I bow to the memory of our late colleague, who paid with his life the quest for peace in Mali," said the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Head of MINUSMA, Mr El-Ghassim WANE. His death, he continued, "illustrates once again, and tragically, the permanent danger to the Mission's personnel and the complexity of the environment in which it operates".

The Head of MINUSMA extends his deepest condolences to the Government of the late Peacekeeper, his family and his brothers in arms.

In recent days, four MINUSMA camps in Northern Mali have been the target of attacks. In this regard, Mr. WANE reiterated his strong condemnation of these attacks. While recalling that in accordance with Security Council resolution 2589 (2021) of 18 August 2021, acts of violence against United Nations personnel serving in Peacekeeping operations could constitute war crimes, he stressed the need to do everything possible to bring to justice the perpetrators of attacks against MINUSMA.