Press releases

  • 07 Aug 2015 - Early this morning, unidentified armed men launched an attack on a Malian military site in the town of Sévaré, in the Mopti region. The attackers, who were pushed back by the Malian Armed Forces, then took refuge in a hotel in town (Byblos). Confrontations between the attackers and the Malian Armed and Security Forces continued throughout the morning and shots continue to be fired sporadically at the hotel and in its vicinity.
  • 06 Aug 2015 - The Commission Technique Mixte de Sécurité (CTMS – Mixed Technical Commission for Security), which is tasked with supervising the implementation of the ceasefire and cessation of hostilities agreements, met at MINUSMA headquarters in Bamako yesterday. The meeting was presided by the Force Commander of the Mission, Major General Michael Anker Lollesgaard.
  • 03 Aug 2015 - MINUSMA strongly condemns the cowardly terrorist attacks against the Malian Armed Forces and Security Forces by unidentified gunmen in the centre and north of the country. The first attack targeted the Malian Armed Forces on 1 August with an ambush on the road between Diabaly and Nampala, at 6 km from Toulé, in the community of Nampala in the Ségou region.
  • 30 Jul 2015 - MINUSMA notes with concern that acts contrary to the spirit of the agreements and arrangements relating to the ceasefire and the Peace Agreement as well as allegations of grave human rights violations and abuses have been recorded in several locations, in particular in the regions of the north. These acts are attributed to elements of movements who have signed the Agreement.
  • 30 Jul 2015 - The Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of MINUSMA, Mr. Mongi Hamdi, met with the Minister of Solidarity, Humanitarian Action and Reconstruction of the North, Mr. Hamadou Konaté, this morning.
  • 27 Jul 2015 - Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and Head of MINUSMA Mongi Hamdi received today German Defense Minister Dr. Ursula von der Leyen and her accompanying delegation, which included three members of the Defense Committee of the German Parliament.   MINUSMA Force Commander General Michael Lollesgaard participated in the meeting.  
  • 24 Jul 2015 - At around 6:10 this morning, the MINUSMA camp in Aguelhok was targeted by mortar fire. Preliminary reports indicate that at least four mortar shells landed in the vicinity of the camp. There were no casualties and the attack did not cause any material damage.   MINUSMA peacekeepers immediately reinforced the camp’s security and sent out patrols to locate the area from where the shells were fired and ensure the safety of the civilian population.  
  • 16 Jul 2015 - The Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of MINUSMA, Mr. Mongi Hamdi, travelled to Brussels to meet with officials of the European Union. 
  • 16 Jul 2015 - The Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of MINUSMA travelled to Brussels to meet European Union officials and discuss the support of the institutions and countries of Europe in reestablishing lasting peace in Mali. 
  • 02 Jul 2015 - At around 9:00 this morning, a patrol of the MINUSMA Force was attacked by unidentified armed men on the road between Goundam and Tombouctou, 45 kilometers southwest of Timbuktu. Preliminary reports indicate that six peacekeepers were killed and at least five others were injured. The evacuation of the injured is currently ongoing. Two MINUSMA vehicles were destroyed.